Tuesday, May 3, 2011

"Another old stone thing?"

Did anyone notice that this is a repeat post? Took me a couple of days...

We started out early, about 8, and headed to the Colosseum. We had tickets for a tour that took us from the basement--down underneath the floor,where they kept costumes, and the gladiators walked underneath the street from their schools nearby--to the very top level--the cheap seats, set there for the slaves, poor and non-citizens. It was a great tour and, yes, John, there was a bookstore. Two, in fact.

We then crossed the street to the street to the Palatine, the hill where the emperors built their residences. We saw huge houses, small villas, and the huts where Romulus lived.

OK, so,there are just ruins there, now, and there is no graffiti saying, "Romulus slept here," but the timing of the ruins is right for thinking that someone was living there. The city recently celebrated the birthday of Rome, and someone had left flowers.

Down the hill from the Palatine is the Forum. It's called THE Forum, but there were a few, over time.) There we saw the house of the Vestal Virgins

and the Temple of Saturn.

We headed back by way of a little deli we found yesterday, and took home bread, salami and cheese. We found the terrace at the top of our building, and had a supper. These little goldfish live in a fountain there.

Then it was time for napping, and planning out tomorrow.

Afterward, Debbi, Mary and I felt rested enough to head over to the Trevi Fountain.

(In the picture, Mary and I had just thrown the coins that are supposed to ensure our eventual return to Rome!) We found, by accident, their President's home. No, no, not that kind of accident! We just came out of a via into the plaza in front of it. Just in time, too, to see the changing of the guard.

After the fountain and some gelato, we are again back at our temporary ranch, and will hit the hay soon. "See" you all tomorrow!

(Oh, and the title? Well, that was something we heard along the way. You'll have to guess who said it!)

(Just found this photo of the pines. I wondered about them, because I had heard this, and knew there had to be a reason to inspire someone. They are magnificent, they are all over the city, and I am hoping the pine cone I found has some seed I can use...)

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