Tuesday, May 17, 2011


When I was planning this trip, I knew I had to add Salzburg to the list. For one thing, it's a beautiful city. For another, my mother was a HUGE fan of The Sound of Music. So huge a fan, in fact, that we actually tucked a copy of the DVD in with her when she was buried. So Salzburg HAD to be on the itinerary.

We had two days in Salzburg. We stayed at the Villa Trapp. This is one of the actual Trapp Family homes, and it is beautiful.

It's a little ways outside of Salzburg, has a lovely little yard

and some resident bunnies. We saw one the first night and named it Franz. When we returned from dinner that night, we saw another, and said, "There must be 2 Franzis!" Turns out there are about 5!

We spent the first morning touring Salzburg and the surrounding area on a Sound of Music tour. We saw several filming sites from the movie, including the church where the wedding was filmed,

the famous "I Am Sixteen" gazebo,

and the roadway where Maria dances and sings, "I Have Confidence." It happened that another couple was being married at the church from the movie wedding! Mary snapped a quick picture of the bride.

We stopped mid-morning for some lovely coffee and strudel, and ended the day at the Mirabell gardens, where the kids played in the fountain while singing "Do Re Mi."

As the tour broke up, we realized a couple from the tour was headed up to the Eagle's nest, the small house above Berchtesgaden which was given to Hitler as a birthday present. (Our resident photographer failed to get a picture of the building, but we did get one of us in front of the window in Eva Braun's room)

We tagged along with them. Although he morning had been rainy, the sun broke through about noon, and we had lovely weather for pictures high above the valley.

We ended our day at the Augustinian beer garden. Really. The Augustinian monks in Salzburg make a delicious beer, and we had to stop and try some. A six-pack is coming home with me!

So I spent the day singing with Maria, hanging out with Adolf, and drinking with the Augustinians.

Not too schizophrenic!

More on Salzburg tomorrow...

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