Sunday, May 22, 2011


I've gotta finish Germany...we're in Britain already!

After Garmisch, we headed up for a couple of hours at Dachau. Lots of people wondered why we would do such a thing. Our mom was a WWII buff, and was especially interested in the plight of those whom the Reich murdered. It was appropriate for us to go and pay our respects.

We then headed north to Rothenburg. This is a small city on the Tauber River in central Germany, still in Bavaria. The central part of the city has intact medieval walls, and, in fact, despite damage during the Thirty Years' War and bombing during WWII, still maintains its medieval character.

We climbed the highest tower of the city wall, then walked the wall itself. It extends around about half of the city. When we reached the end, we climbed down and walked through the old part of the city. We had lunch and, of course, shopped a little.

We then headed on to St. Goar. We intended to take a short Rhine cruise from this small town. Unfortunately, the schedule was such that, if we did, we would not make it to Koln in time to drop off our rental car. We consoled ourselves by shopping. Not really. We did shop, but the highlight of the day was our drive to the top of the Loreley rock. We had a tremendous view of the Rhine, and, as it was a normal working day, got great pictures of barges for John.

Yes, my husband loves barges. You'll notice we made sure to get a picture of the garbage barge for him!

We dropped our car in Koln, spending a Friday night there. "Dropping our car" sounds far easier than it really was. We spent about 45 minutes looking for the drop-off. Later, we were told that that's just how it is, that we shouldn't badly. So, we don't. We had dinner at a beer garden, drinking lovely Koln kolsch and eating, believe it or not, our one and only meal of sausage in Germany! There were so many good things to eat, we realized that night that we had forgotten about sausage. It was delicious.

After dinner, we headed home to sleep, stopping off at an archaeological dig along the way.

The next morning, we visited the Koln cathedral. There was a worship service going on, so we were not able to see all parts of the building, but, what we saw, was worth the effort.
After a lovely lunch of steak and pommes frites, we were off to the train station and Britain!!

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