Wednesday, May 4, 2011


For those of you (both of you) that were biting your nails, worrying about us, the banking thing is halfway figured out. I can get money, but the bank can't figure out why I can't transfer between accounts...

Today was a mad dash all over Rome, Naples and Pompeii. We hit the ground running, which means we were about 15 minutes late. It was NOT my fault this time! We got to the train station, bought our more expensive ticket...and had a wonderful ride to Naples. We may take the express train again....

We wandered all over a small city that had been covered in volcanic ash for 1700 years. Doesn't that sound like fun? We saw Mt Vesuvius, the ocean, and dogs.

Yes, there are dogs at Pompeii. They wander the streets, and a sign told us that they are cared for by some shelters in the area. They are available for adoption to caring families. You can imagine the conversation I had with Mary. She agreed that I could tell her, "No."

We actually finished our day early, which meant sitting in the Naples train station for about an hour and a half. We weren't up for that, so we traded our tickets for more expensive ones and rode home early. We're so silly.

But it got us back in Rome early enough to stop at a lovely restaurant and have our (can you believe this?) FIRST meal in Italy! Yes, we're on our third day here, but we've been living on B&B breakfast, fruit, and sandwiches in the evening. Tonight it was caprese salad, lasagne, saltimbocca and salad, with one lovely glass of wine. On the walk home, we stopped for gelato.

Tomorrow we will see the Vatican, finally, and have more train adventures. More later!

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