Monday, May 9, 2011


Today was the big day when I met my friend-I've-never-met-before, New Girl on Post. I have pictures and lots to tell, but Mary hasn't loaded the pictures into my camera. I am in the lobby of our hotel, and she is wandering, taking photos, so I will do it, I promise....but I can't right now!

This will give me a chance, though, to admit that I'm a little homesick. We've been traveling a week now, and I've seen so many lovely things. But today was a little tough. I kept seeing Venetian houses with lovely windowboxes full of beautiful flowers. We passed Calles dotted with pots of flowers. And the's just heavenly.

Now, I don't want my husband, my kids, or my horse to feel badly. But, tonight, as much as I miss them, I am really missing my garden. My daughter-in-law, Keri, is weeding it for me, and I am grateful for that. But I want to see the peonies bloom, and smell the mock orange, and taste the snow peas.

I think when I get home I'll put a row of pink and white impatiens under the front window. And I'll buy a gardenia. And I'll buy some grapes or a peach tree, to grow against the south, brick wall of the garage.

But for now, I'll just miss it.

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