Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Salzburg, Day 2

Although we planned an early start, we had a second cold, rainy morning. Now, honestly, we've been here since, when, the 2nd of May? These were our first two rainy days. We sure can't complain about the weather. But it got us going late.

We went into town and visited the Festung Hohensalzburg; the fortress above the city.

We took an audio tour, climbing and climbing, high above the city, and getting some beautiful vistas. Yes, it was cold and rainy, but, still enjoyable.

We shopped. A little. We ate. I had hot chocolate that may have had more than a little rum in it, goulash soup, bread...and nockerl. Nockerl is a Salzburg confection that I will have to learn to make at home. Yum!

We visited the Mirabell gardens, and I especially liked the gnomes. I may have to get some for my garden.

Sorry. Of course, that last was not a gnome. That was one adorable half of a set of twin girls we met on the square in Salzburg that day. The other did not want her picture taken!

Late in the day, we headed for Garmisch-Partenkirchen, in Germany. The drive was long. And, since we were crossing mountains, twisty, turny and high. At one point, we found ourselves on the way to Italy, about to head over a long bridge over a ginormous valley!! I am not big on driving bridges, and to cross it would have meant going the wrong way, so I tried to avoid it. I went through a half-cloverleaf...and found myself on the bridge, after all. That mean going over it twice. Yikers! On the other side, I stopped for directions, and met the grumpiest German we've met yet on this trip. Hopefully, they'll continue to be nicer than he was! We had no real directions to our hotel, just an address. And no GPS, no real map of the area. Stupid travelers. But we made it. It was late, and we were hungry, but we made it.

Nothing was open except an Italian place. So, on our first night in Germany, we ate shrimp ravioli.

Doncha love learning about other cultures?

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